What You Need to Know Before Place Order to The Electric Scooter Factory?

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Electric scooters are a popular tool because of their practicality and lightness. As an importer, you may be interested in acquiring e-scooters from a China factory.

Below are the tips to consider as you look for a high-quality and reliable skateboard manufacturer:

1. Checking the Qualifications and Scale of the Scooter Manufacturer

Large e-scooters are usually produced by high-tech enterprises that have an excellent track record. Most of these firms boost their development capabilities by conducting regular technical research. Such firms’ also have a quality management system that’s strict. As a rule of thumb, they implement the ISO-9000 quality system standards. As such, quality control often starts from the outsourcing of raw materials to when the final product is delivered.

2. Checking the Design and Structure of the Product

A good scooter should have a superb design alongside functionality. The appearance matters a lot to consumers.

Good user experience means that the manufacturer should focus on control systems and the shock absorption performance to ensure the users will have an excellent riding experience, more so, while on a bumpy road. Some scooters don’t have a shock absorption system, and they usually rely on the tires’ shock absorption properties. Typically, the shock absorption rate of the air tires is better than that of the solid tires.

3. Check the Certifications of the Manufacturer

Currently, there’s no worldwide standard for the manufacture of scooters. Each manufacturer sets their own standards. To help minimize some product safety concerns such as fire incidents and spontaneous ignition, it’s advisable that you look for a certified scooter design.

This certification process is rigorous and objective. It should focus on the manufacturing process, the procurement process of the raw materials, the production, and the assembly. Each of these processes should be under strict control, and none of the essential details should be missed. One of the primary certification standards globally is UL2272.

The manufacturer should procure the motor, controller, and battery from a reputable supplier. After the scooter is assembled, some tests should be carried out. Some of these evaluations include shock resistance tests, safety tests, and discharge/charge tests. Such tests ensure the consumer gets value for their money and can, also use the scooters at ease.

You’re likely to come across a variety of electric scooters, these include:

1. Budget E-Scooters

Majority of the scooters in the market fall under the e-scooter category. This type of scooter is mainly suitable for recreational use. Primarily, they’re also more affordable since they have under-powered motors, relatively less sturdy braking mechanisms, and the batteries have a low capacity. If such a scooter fits into your budget, you should consider looking for a functional one.

2. Commuter E-Scooters

The commuter scooters have been divided into several categories, and they include:

Budget Commuter

Such a scooter is suitable for short distance commuting. As a rule of thumb, you will have to repair the scooter occasionally. Other than that, it will serve you for a prolonged period.

When using a budget commuter, it is advisable to commute on a smooth surface. This means, you should avoid steep areas. Since the scooter is light, you can also fold and carry it up a flight of stairs instead of leaving it in the parking lot.

Mid-ranged commuters

Such scooters have large batteries, and they offer a better range since they have a powerful motor. Some of the models in this category will even have a suspension.

Premium Commuter

This scooter has a large motor, suspension, better brakes, and a large battery. The ride is safe and comfortable. However, it has a downside since it is heavy, which means you can’t easily carry it or load it into the car.

Performance E-scooters

These are scooters that offer better speeds and range. Some of these scooters have dual-motors and a large battery. A long-range scooter can manage 81 kilometers. For the price of such a scooter, you will get hydraulic brakes, pneumatic tires, turn signals, and powerful lights.

Extreme Performance E-Scooters

This is a scooter that performs reasonably, especially when it comes to portability. The scooter has a dual motor that is quite large, the battery capacity is good. Other meaningful qualities include hydraulic brakes and a top-notch suspension. The scooter is suitable for daily commuting. Although it’s heavy, it can be folded, which means you can carry it comfortably.

A Buyer’s Guide for Electric Scooters

There are different types of electric mobility products in the market. Some of these products are durable, whereas others are not. As you acquire an electric scooter, the budget matters.

Several other factors come into play when identifying a suitable scooter. For instance, you should be knowledgeable about the usage and working of a particular scooter.

Whereas the selection process can be somewhat daunting, taking into account the following factors will help get you a reliable scooter:

1. Consider the Range

Understanding the range of an electric mobility product should help determine the average time it takes to cover a certain distance. You can measure the distance the scooter travels when it is fully charged to know its range.

Every manufacturer will brag about the products they are offering. As a consumer, you should use a smart approach. Consider half of what the manufacturer claims to offer. Determine your travel requirements and the range of the scooter. Based on these factors, you’ll manage to acquire a scooter that suits your needs.

3. The Quality of the Scooter

First, be sure to determine the quality of a scooter. As an initial step, gauge everything by the scooter’s appearance. Note, the quality of the product is dependent on the materials used during the manufacturing process, and they also play a crucial role in the scooter’s average life.

To ensure you avoid counterfeit products, always crosscheck the details issued by the manufacturer. Confirm all the specifications that are offered by a particular model. Lastly, check the battery life.

Ensure you purchase the scooter from a reputable dealer to limit the probability of buying a counterfeit scooter. Although cheap products are somewhat enticing, you may be acquiring a low-quality product that will serve you for a limited period.

4. Battery

The battery capacity matters, mainly because the scooter’s speed is dependent on factors such as wattage. Also, the battery ensures you can maneuver some of the rough rides.

Ensure the battery of the scooter is light and the manufacturer has issued a warranty. Also, it is advisable to own a shockproof and waterproof battery to minimize the risk of incurring any damages. Such a strategy also helps with the overall performance of the scooter.

Are you aware of the battery’s charging time and how long the battery will last when it’s full? It would be best if you chose a battery that takes less time to charge and can last longer as you ride the scooter. As a user, you’ll get maximum satisfaction.

5. Price

Although a device may have advanced features, it doesn’t mean that it will serve you for long. In short, the product’s price will not define its reliability and quality.

A low-cost electric scooter is often deemed to have a short lifespan, whereas an expensive scooter is expected to last relatively longer. In this case, the myth about money helps to explain the dependability and reliability of the scooter.

But depending on your work requirements, it helps to take into account which electric mobility products is best suited to your needs. For short distances, perhaps you’d want to try out a budget commuter. As an alternative option, shock-free modified scooters can also come in handy in such an instance.

6. Suspension

While traveling on a road with varying terrains and numerous bumps, you should ensure your scooter can maintain balance while offering you a comfortable and smooth ride. In this case, you should acquire a scooter that has a suspension attached.

To commute for a prolonged period, the suspensions should be present on the front, rear, or both ends. If the scooter has airless tires, ensuring there’s a suspension system is the best way you can be certain you’ll have a smooth drive.

7. Weight Limit

The weight limit plays a crucial role in determining the stability of the ride. The maximum weight the scooter can bear is referred to as the weight limit. The scooter’s weight limit usually is 100kgs.

If the weight exceeds 100kgs, you should consider acquiring a premium scooter with a higher weight ceiling. However, you should be aware that the user’s weight affects the scooter, i.e., it will have a lower range, and it will be slow. Because of safety concerns, it is advisable to adhere to the weight limit that’s often indicated by the manufacturer.

8. Maintenance

Proper and routine maintenance is essential to ensuring the scooter lasts considerably longer and operates efficiently. Such essential factors should not be ignored since they can cost you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Before acquiring a scooter, make sure you’ve taken into account its maintenance needs since there are scooters whose parts are limited—meaning you may have a hard time finding them especially when you need replacements.

9. The Size of the Wheel

The scooter’s wheels should be rigid, shock-free, and robust. In short, the wheels should generally be durable enough.

Ensure you have acquired a scooter with medium-sized wheels. Such a scooter is suitable for people in different age groups. Additionally, you can easily replace the wheel when need be.


A scooter is environmentally-friendly and convenient. To acquire the best one, you should consider a variety of factors. For instance, make sure the manufacturer is qualified and they’re known to produce excellent scooters on a large scale. After that, you should consider additional factors such as the size of the wheels, maintenance, price, weight limit, among other factors listed in the context above before making a final decision.


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