Why Electric Scooter Are Popular Now?

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For short-journeys in the city, I often prefer to ride on my electric scooter rather than on my motorbike or car because riding on an electric scooter offers relaxation to my body along with entertainment.

The electric scooter is the best vehicle being cost-efficient and eco-friendly in providing an easy and entertaining ride. Initially, scooters were only preferred for kids, but with their electric inclusion and keeping city transportation heck under consideration, the adults also have turned to electric scooters due to their definite advantages.

Nowadays, traffic has become the major transportation issue in almost all the major cities. The people have to waste sitting in traffic for hours before they reach their office or home. So to cope up with this traffic hindrance, there is no other convenient vehicle except an electric scooter that will conveniently take you through even heavy traffic without wasting your precious hours.

Components of Electric Scooters

An electric scooter is a stand-up vehicle that is powered by a battery with a small utility electric motor. The normal scooters usually have an aluminum chassis, two small plastic wheels, a handlebar and a large deck in the center on which the rider stands. On contrary, the electric scooters are a bit complex in structure, which along with general components of normal scooters also contain batteries, motor, lights, suspension and a controller. The normal scooters run on physical energy while the electric scooters are powered by electric energy under mechanical power generation system by fitted motor. Unlike non-electric scooters, the electric scooters determine high speed, acceleration, and top ability to climb hills.

The battery pack is the major component in every electric scooter.  It stores and provides energy to the motor and other components of electric scooter. Usually, scooters come with lithium batteries for high amount of energy production.

How the Electric scooters are the alternate mode of transportation?

Electric scooters are the alternative to gas-powered vehicles, which pollute the environment by reading toxic chemical elements like carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. But these great electric scooters provide you environment-friendly transportation without causing any air pollution. Besides, you don’t have to depend on fuel because these electric scooters run on battery power.

Today, the major problem faced by humanity is actually the climate change.  We all know that the pollution caused by carbon dioxide (CO2) is speeding up the climate change. The emission of carbon dioxide is increasing day by day since we have relied on gasoline powered vehicles.

Therefore, the introduction of the new clean modes of transportation has become necessary to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. The Electric Scooters are one of such clean modes of transportation which is best for traveling a distance lower than 30KM and with their zero carbon dioxide emission can reduce the air pollution of big cities all around the world.

Why are the Electric scooters convenient to keep and maintain?

The maintenance of these Electric scooters is also quite easy. The users do not need to worry about its internal parts, which are virtually maintenance-free. The users only need to maintain the right balance of wheels, the sturdy battery health and keep the deck and brakes functional.

Reasons why people prefer An Electric Scooter

Adults nowadays highly prefer electric scooters over their motorbikes for short journeys and casual chores in the city. Because, riding on an electric scooter pay them more convenience and comfort as compared to motorbike and other vehicles when they are living in the city of massive traffic. Some key facilities offered by electric scooters are given below:

Save Money

Owning an electric scooter significantly charges you cheaper as compared to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. It not only saves your fuel expenditures but also expenditures of maintenance, repair, service, reduced parking, and insurance costs. So keeping an electric scooter charges you only a few electric units and provides you a convenient ride. 

Save Time

Since city life always offers a never-ending traffic jam, and you are often compelled to wait for hours to reach a particular destination. Not only this, but you are sick of paying traffic excuses, and you often get mocked by your authoritarians due to late arrival for work and meetings. The electric scooters help you in a better way to arrive at the reported time to any destination and also help you to control your schedules timely.

Environmental Benefit

Today, transportation has become a major cause of environmental pollution. It is just because of the emission of toxic chemicals by the ICE petrol and diesel vehicles. But the electric scooters offer an environment-friendly service with zero-emission of any toxic element. So owning an electric scooter saves you from both air pollution as well as from noise pollution. 

Enhance Fitness and Health

On your motorbikes and cars, you use to sit throughout the journey. This increases the fat and ultimately outgrow your belly, giving you an awkward look. But on the electric scooter, you have to stand straight up throughout the travel that enhances your fitness effectively.

No License requirements

Your traditional bikes and cars always need a driving permit in the form of a license, and that’s why you are always expected to keep the license with yourself. Not only that, even sometimes you get into interrogation in case you miss your license at your home. Electric scooter, with its limited speed, doesn’t require any license to ride it(Except Germany).

Easy Portability

If in the way your scooter needs to be repaired due to any fault with its motor, chain, or wheels, you can easily port this electric scooter to a mechanic in any corner of the city without much effort and get these issues fixed.


Safety must be our prime concern; that’s why the electric scooters are facilitated with different safety features like hand-operated easy acceleration control with quick rare brake feature. Besides, many electric scooters are given a backlight make passersby know about your existence.

Highly Comfortable

for making it comfortable for different heightened people, these amazing electric scooters come with a long adjustable handlebar, so you need not bend your body while riding on such an electric scooter. Besides, few electric scooters come with seats for the people who don’t like to ride in a standing position.


These electric scooters come with a very compact design and small size, that’s why they can be parked in even small space.  Even instead of parking it, you can easily carry this scooter with you wherever you want to go.


Suppose you want to assemble these electric scooters so that you can easily carry them with you wherever you go. So you can conveniently assemble an electric scooter in hardly 10 minutes and carry it in any corner of your car.

Smoothness and Uniformity

These wonderful electric scooters come with a powerful motor, hand-operated acceleration control, inflatable tires, and a rear brake with the frame of appropriate width and length, which all combine to offer you smooth and uniform riding.

Ride without battery

If you or your kid wants to ride an electric scooter by dragging it by your feet rather than running it through battery power, then you can buy a lighter model that you or your kid can easily drag through your feet without consuming much energy.

What to consider before Purchase

Before you buy an electric scooter, you often get confused about the reliability of the scooter. The reliability of an electric scooter is a major factor to consider while purchasing the scooter. Since different brands manufacture electric scooters with different features, it’s almost necessary to have a general idea about the features of scooters before you make a final decision of buying a particular scooter. So by having research on different features of electric scooter, here following features can be recommended while looking for the best electric scooter.

1. Strong body made of high-quality material

The durability is the most important factor that determines the strength and long-life of an electric scooter. The durability of electric scooter majorly depends on its strong body made of high quality material. Although, we find different electric scooters made of different materials, but the scooters made of aerospace-grade aluminum are highly recommended because they serve you the super durability along with best performance.

2. Powerful Motor

The Adult’s electric scooters come with hub motors (brushless direct current motor) which are either built into one or both wheels. Usually electric scooters compulsorily come with at least one motor, but the more powerful electric scooters are featured with dual motors. The wattage of motors in electric scooters determines their power, like the average electric scooters have motor of 250 watt, intermediate one have of 500 watt while the extreme powerful ones contain dual 1200 watt motors.

3. The Firm-Grip tires

The firm-grip tires of an electric scooter give a strong traction, range, and braking performance in an emergency situation. The electric scooters usually come with two types of tires, either pneumatic (airfilled) or airless tires. Few electric scooters contain airless tires like honeycomb, polymer-filled, and solid kind of airless tires. But, pneumatic tires are highly recommended because their supple rubber performs much better ride in even adverse road conditions and offer best ride quality either with suspension or without it.

4. Portable size with Foldable frame

Some people often want to take their scooters with themselves whenever they for a holiday outing, due to heavy body of their scooter they can’t take them easily. So if you buy an electric scooter with portable size under foldable body frame then you can easily carry your scooter anywhere by just keeping it in your car. So now you can carry this scooter along with you when you go for a picnic.

5. Maximum Distance Covered per Single Charge

For making an electric scooter to cover maximum distance in just single charge, the combination of powerful motor and a strong battery is required. Many scooters come with strong battery but weak motor so they don’t cover a good distance per single charge because a strong combination of both battery and motor is needed. So if you buy an electric scooter with high-quality battery and high power motor it will enable you electric scooter to cover the maximum distance of upto 35 to 40km

6. Battery with long-lasting charges

Battery is the “fuel tank” of an electric scooter. It not only gives energy to the electric motor, but also to other accessories, including lights of E-scooter. Some electric scooters come with a battery pack comprised of lithium-ion battery cells while other few inexpensive scooters are fitted with the lead-acid batteries. Battery’s charging capacity is the most significant factor that determines the maximum distance range of an electric scooter range. So try to choose scooter with a strong long timing battery.

7. Strong disc brake system

The Braking system of an electric scooter is the most important factor in terms of your safety. The strong brake system is an essential system for a safe and fully under controlled riding.

Mostly the Electric scooter comes with two brake categories, the mechanical and the electronic. The Mechanical brake system includes disc, drum, and foot brake which rely on a physical force to slow the scooter while the Electronic braking system includes electric and regenerative braking system which relies on the motor of electric scooter.

For safety reasons, the scooters which scooters contain both electronic and mechanical braking systems at a time are highly recommended. Because, in emergency incidents, the electric scooter featured with a dual braking system (disc braking and regenerative braking system) offers a quick and responsive braking control.

8. Ultra-bright headlight and the Taillight

Some people also love to ride electric scooters even in night time. So for such people it is very important to have a scooter with a bright and visible light, not the one with a lackluster built-in lighting. Besides, the Taillight is also necessary in the electric scooter that makes passersby know about your existence on-road and keep you safe from any accident that can happen. Even some scooters come with swag lighting system (multi-colored LED strips that wrap around the scooter).

Unfortunately, yet some scooters come with a very weak lighting arrangement and they keep the rider life always at risk of sudden accidents.

9. Adjustable and controlling handlebar

The handlebar of an electric scooter is the one that makes able to control the scooter. The handle of an electric scooter contains all the controls like the accelerator, power buttons, speed/settings display, and brakes. So the perfect scooter is one which comes with the handlebar with maximum control and an adjustable length. So if you buy an electric scooter with adjustable handlebar then you need not to bend your wait because of your tall height, just adjust the handle bar as per your height and enjoy riding.

10. Stable Suspension System

For maintaining high stability of the electric scooter, it must be featured with an effective suspension system. The suspension feature helps in high riding quality and in coping up with bumps in the road. Usually, we find three major categories of suspension systems in electric scooters, the spring, hydraulic, and rubber suspension system. Some scooters come with dual suspension system under combination of spring and piston (coil-over-hydraulic suspension system), that is the best suspension system with high stability. Besides, the tires of electric scooters also take part in maintaining suspension.

11. Suitable for big built people

Some electric scooters cannot bear the riders with heavy weight and they get broken by the heavy weight of rider because they are made of poor quality material. So before you purchase an electric scooter you must check that whether it is able to carry maximum body burden or not (usually, scooters carry a maximum load of 100KG).


So having read this article you may surely conclude that how fast the Electric scooters have recently achieved a massive upliftment in popularity and public interest, especially since the adults have turned towards them. Electric scooters are really an exciting personal vehicle for short-journeys that has captured the attention of the citizens in all over the world with innovations in its features in being entertaining and eco-friendly. And it’s easy to see why they’re a fun, eco-friendly way to get around.


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