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Hover Football A5

A5 Hover Football is the perfect option for sports activities, either you are adult, teenager or adult, A5 Hover Football caters all your needs. The product gives you smooth and comfortable rides with extra miles, super-fast charging enables you get back to your riding wheel in just a couple of hours. You can move around freely, enticing everyone’s attention and being called the cool guy on wheel.

Additional information





Battery capacity

50.4V 2.0AH 14 cells

Charging time

2-3 hours

Max distance


Max speed


Product weight


Max load


Master carton size


Master carton weight


Qty in container

20GP: 560PCS 40GP: 1,176 PCS 40HQ: 1,344PCS

Product Details

Freeman bring this unique A5 Hover football in market to provide a better and long lasting unicycle riding experience. A5 Hover Football comes with a high power 350W Motor having the capacity to go 10-15KM in full charge with a max speed of 12KM/H. Its unique football shaped soft rubber tire enables everyone to roam onto this device while holding snacks or drinks.

Freeman hold the sole rights for production of A5 Hover Football and have worldwide recognized patent for it’s invention & design. Our engineers designed A5 Hover Football specifically for sports enthusiasts. It is super comfortable, easy to balance and can run 10-15KM on a full charge. Moreover, it is lightweight, easy to carry and designed as a football/rugby reflecting your passion for the game. The unique shape & design of one wheel hoverboard add value to your fun. The rugby styled hover-board is a perfect deal for teenager to boost their sports activities. It can be an ideal fit for football players, coaches, college students, kids, adults and a perfect gift for sports person.

Super cool features of A5 Hover Football:

Super cool design to aid balancing – Non – Inflatable rubber tire is ideal for a strong wheel to ground grip and easier to balance. Our auto balancing technology surpass other self balancing unicycles in the market. The tire is made of soft rubber which becomes flat when a person stands on it, making it easier for everyone to quickly balance their body and enjoy riding.

Super fast charge – Super Li-ion battery will charge the battery in 2.5 hours which last 10-15KMdistance. The battery is designed with advanced technology to prevent overheating and fire.

Elegant design – Elegant & Stylish design to uplift your gaming personality. Our engineers at Freeman designed this product with a unique football shape. Not only you can move extra miles, you can also wow everyone with it design and super features. Freeman hold the sole rights for production of this design with universal invention & design patent.

High power motor – The Powerful 350W motor you will never be late again. The wheel can get you to the max speed of 12KM/H. It can move easily on to slopes of up to 10degree.

Strong weight capacity – A5Hover Football have extra weight bearing capability as compare to other hoverboards in the market. The device can hold the maximum load of 100KG.

Smooth & comfortable ride – A5Hover Football gives a smooth ride on all grounds including but not limited to pavements, concrete roads, grass, turf.

Portable – A5Hover Football is a Light weight and portable hand carry product. It only weighs 7.5 Kg and can be easily carried in hands.


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