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Electric hovershoes D5

D5 hovershoes come with stable self-balancing technology, high-power 150W motor and splendid cool design with side and head Led lights. Easy and 100% safe to use for effortless movement and fun.

Additional information



Connection bar


Product weight


Max distance


Max climbing angle




Battery capacity

25.2V 2.0AH 50.4WH for each board

Charging time

2.5~3.5 hours

Max speed


Max load


Master carton size


Master carton weight


Qty in container

20GP: 1,309PCS 40GP: 2,695 PCS 40HQ: 3,185PCS

Product Details

D5 Hovershoes is the most inspiring and trendy product, love of youth and young generation. This Hovershoes is a special product designed especially for the youth. Best product for effortless movement in shopping malls, food streets and historical places. D5 Electric hovershoes comes with connect rod for Hoverboard feeling. The D5 brings all the fun, style and coolness together. Along with style and cool design the D5 Electric hovershoes comes with the following strong features:

Loftier Technology – Stable self-balancing modern technology ensures the effortless movement. No effort required  to maintain the balance over D5 Electric hovershoes.

The high-power motor – 150W powerful soundless motor fives enough power to support 100kg of weight and achieve 12km/h.

Safe Riding – D5 Electric hovershoes has the unique design with flashing lightening points makes the D5 electric hovershoes visible on dark road important for safety. The rubber tires improve stability, steering capabilities, and comes with slip-resistance deck surface bring maximum safety and fun.

Easy to Control – the D5 Electric hovershoes is state of the art piece that is present in market after proper research and development work. As easy of step on and all is set for effortless movement.

Light-weight – it is as light as a school bag, just of 3.05KG of each and convenient to carry.

Handle clutch – Top Handle clutch make easy handling, it’s easy to carry D5 Electric hovershoes through the handle in stylish way.

Connecting rod – the D5 electric hovershoes comes with detachable connecting rod to connect both the hovershoes together. This connection changes the D5 Electric hovershoes into hoverboard like vehicle, double fun in single product.

Electric features – The 25.2V 2.0AH 50.4WH battery takes up to 12km, 150W powerful motor for each board and fast charging technology take 2.5-3.5 hours until fully charged.

Added features – Lighting twinkling LED light strips on front and flame LED on the sides, cool beautiful design available in cool multi colors with scratched protected technology.


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