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Single motor electric skateboard S11

The S11 is the entry level skateboard you won’t be upset, because you must try a entry level wireless control electric four wheels skateboard for beginners as it is both affordable and fun to ride. Easier to ride than a standard skateboard. Both your toes stay firmly planted at the deck when you push throttle on remote for acceleration. The S11 electric skateboard features a 100W hub motor that offers a top speed 15KM/H. This board is light weight and is great for riding around the neighborhood.

Additional information



Deck materials

7 layers wood board

Motor type

70mm hub motor



Battery capacity

25.2V 2.0AH

Charging time

2-3 hours

Max distance


Max speed

10km/h 15km/h

PU wheel type

PU 80A

PU wheel size


Product weight


Remote battery capacity


Remote charging time

2 hours

Max load


Master carton size


Master carton weight


Qty in container

20GP: 560 PCS 40GP: 1,120 PCS 40HQ: 1,344 PCS

Product Details

This electric skateboard comes with a single hub motor that offers adequate two speed mode of 10 and 15KM/H for beginners, and has a range of 6KM. Press only one button on remote control can change the direction of skateboard. However, if you want something with normal power and range, try the S11 Electric Skateboard. It is also less expensive and smooth to get a hang of thanks to the wireless remote.

A high-quality custom-designed, the board is light weight but strong and has sufficient flex to tackle road bumps. The weight limit on the board is maximum 100kg. The battery is well covered and is located below the deck. The charging time for the battery is about 2-3 hours. S11 is also a wonderful gift to have fun and playful, which is suitable for kid and newbie riding around town and school.


Powerful motor – The single powerful hub motor provides a smooth streamlined power.

Wireless remote control – The wireless remote control has an ergonomic design as well, and a rechargeable battery. The charging time for the battery is about 2-3 hours.

Light and solid – This board is light weight easy to pack up and carry around. Benefited from upgraded materials and technology. High strength 7 layers rock hard wood deck with quality design, easy to transport.

Smart turn on / off – The board will automatically turn on as you start to ride it. No need to ever attain down to turn it on. Turns off automatically if it’s not in use for some min.

Easy to ride – The weight limit on the board is a maximum 100KG. You can steer easily by swinging your body left or right but not great with hills.


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