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Double motor electric skateboard S22

S22 double motor electric skateboard has rectangular shape longboard with dual powerful motors, 30KM/H top speed, and wireless remote control for adults/youth.

Additional information



Deck materials

7 layers wood board

Motor type

90mm hub motor



Battery capacity

36V 4.0AH

Charging time

3.5-4.5 hours

Max distance


Max speed

15km/h 30km/h

PU wheel type

PU 80A

PU wheel size


Product weight


Remote battery capacity


Remote charging time

2 hours

Max load


Master carton size


Master carton weight


Qty in container

20GP: 385 PCS 40GP: 847 PCS 40HQ: 1,001PCS

Product Details

Things that make the S22 double motor electric skateboard a special and unique electric skateboard out there in the market is the dual powerful motors each of 250W and its modern shape, riding just small clearance from the ground. Long deck made with 7 layers wood board of Canadian maple. This modern high-tech S22 double motor electric skateboard is controlled by a remote device that is very handy and stylish. The S22 double motor electric skateboard has the following notables features:

Long deck size – 92*24*14cm, 92cm long deck size is for more freely on deck for skateboard sports and tricks.

Deck material – The S22 double motor electric skateboard is made with 7 layers of the wood board. The 7 layers of deck board are of Canadian maple wood a famous wood for being hard and strong.

Double motors – The S22  is designed for outdoor sports and especially for the youth. It has double powerful 90mm motors each of 250W, which make the S22  skateboard a sporty fast skateboard.

Battery capacity – Batteries are the lifeline of every electric vehicle and we know it very well. The S22 double motor electric skateboard has a powerful long-lasting 36V 4.0AH (144Wh) lithium-Ion battery. This large capacity battery is to provide power for dual motors and goes up to 20KM in a single charge with 30km/h.

Speedy Sskateboard – Youth loves fast and furious gadgets. The S22 double motor electric skateboard has dual motors, high capacity battery, and an aerodynamic shape that takes it to 30km/h top speed.

Long range in single charge – The S22 double motor electric skateboard goes 30KM in a single charge.

Light-weight – It’s only 7 kg, very slim and handy design, easy to carry in hand or backpack. 

Controlling device – The S22 double motor electric skateboard is controlled by a remote device which comes with the 200mAh rechargeable battery, charge to its full in just 2 hours and lasts for many days.

The state of the art design, non-skid deck lamination, dual power feature, and Canadian maple wood are the features that make The S22 double motor electric skate board a modern and perfect electric skateboard.


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