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8.5” electric scooter S2-DE ABE

The 8.5” S2-DE model is a high-end electric scooter that is designed to for Germany market, it has passed Germany ABE test so that riders can enjoy a smooth and consistent ride on public roads.

Additional information

Battery capacity

36V 10.0AH, 36V 6.0AH, 36V 7.5AH

Max distance

12-18km, 20-25km, 25-30km

Folded size


Unfolding size



Aluminium alloy


8.5'' 250W, 8.5'' 350W

Wheel size



Inner honeycomb tyre

Max speed



Rear suspension

Front light

Yes, with K-Mark certificate

Rear LED

Yes, with K-Mark certificate



Kick stand


Speed modes


Brake system

Front electronic brake+Rear disc brake

Charging time

4.5-5.5 hours, 5.5-6.5 hours, 6.5-7.5 hours

Max climbing angle


Max load


Product weight

14.5kg, 15kg

Master carton size


Master carton weight

17.8kg, 18.3kg

Qty in container

20GP: 240 pcs 40GP: 480 pcs 40HQ: 600 pcs

Product Details

The 8.5″ S2-DE is an electric scooter, its smart battery can be 36V 6.0AH, 36V 7.5AH, 36V 10.0AH, and 250W, 350W motors as option, provides a speed of 20 KM/H. Different battery can support travel 12-18KM, 20-25KM, 25-30KM in a single charge. The 8.5″ S2-DE is an ideal electric scooter to buy for short-distance travelers. It has an extensive range of benefits and exciting features. You may surprise by S2-DE because a sturdy structure and powerful motor will last longer than any other electric scooter available in the market.  


Germany ABE approved – The 8.5’’ S2-DE is a perfect electric scooter passed Germany ABE test, which means the you can ride it on the public bicycle road, or ride at special bicycle stripes, if there is no such roads available, then you can ride it on regular streets. However, the Autobahn and pedestrian are not available for electric scooters.

Lights – The beautiful K-Mark/Z-Mark-approved front/rear light certified by Germany light safety regulations and provides convenience while riding at night. The rider can easily be identified by others while riding at night because of front and backlights.

Safety first – With the German certified ABE test approved that ensures complete safety while riding on roads, the S2-DE electric scooter provides an excellent value for money. Safety is its first choice, comes with a dual braking system, front electronic brake and rear disc brake to prevent accidents while traveling at high speed.

Body & Materials – The ultra-light S2-DE is made with aluminum, which looks great and provides durability to the body. The robust design of 8.5”electric scooter S2-DE provides durability and increases the overall riding experience when you ride it. It comes with rear physical suspension, which protects from bumps.

Most Powerful Motor – The S2-DE comes in different models. Most powerful motors provide power to the electric scooter.  A rider can opt for 250W or 350W motors that allow traveling at a speed of 20KM/H.

IPX4 Approved – The scooter is IPX4 approved so you can ride on rainy days, charging port is mounted on top position, so you can charge easily without bending, and have better waterproof performance.

Storage and Folding Mechanism – It comes with a robust folding mechanism and won’t be loose after a long time of use. After folding, the fix hooking method is strong enough to park inside or narrow parking place.

Riding and Performance – You can cruise on roads, sidewalks, concrete surfaces and pavements at the speed of 20KM/H. Excellent, smooth and steady performance with a sturdy body, solid tires, powerful motor, and lasting battery increase joy when riding.

Loading Capacity – A maximum of 100KG loading capacity so people having different weights can easily ride on it. The vast foot space gives you more stability than other electric scooters, also leading to better balance.

The S2-DE scooter is suitable for students, professionals and short-distance travelers. Moreover, it provides a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way of transportation. You can send inquiries, so we will respond accordingly.


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