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8.5” electric scooter ES003-DE ABE

Smart daily commute solution, ES003-DE 8.5” electric scooter is ABE Approved (German Federal Vehicle transport Authority) to go on public roads, folding electric scooter, lithium-ion battery with a long-range of up to 25KM.

Additional information

Battery capacity

36V 6.0AH, 36V 7.5AH

Max distance

12-18km, 20-25km

Folded size


Unfolding size



Aluminium alloy


8.5'' 250W, 8.5'' 350W

Wheel size



Inner honeycomb tyre

Max speed




Front light

Yes, with K-Mark certificate

Rear LED

Yes, with K-Mark certificate



Kick stand


Speed modes


Brake system

Front electronic brake+Rear disc brake

Charging time

4.5-5.5 hours, 5.5-6.5 hours

Max climbing angle


Max load


Product weight


Master carton size


Master carton weight


Qty in container

20GP: 250 pcs 40GP: 520 pcs 40HQ: 560 pcs

Product Details

The ES003-DE 8.5” electric scooter is designed to make the daily commute easy in metropolitans and towns. For daily commute like to reach office, university it is understood to use the public roads. Good thing is that ES003-DE 8.5” electric scooter has ABE test clearance certificate for the German Federal Vehicle Transport Authority, so it’s safe and legal to go on a public road in Germany with ES003-DE 8.5” electric scooter. The ES003-DE 8.5” scooter has powerful features as all other electric vehicles had, like a high capacity lithium-ion battery with a long-range of up to 25KM and 350W powerful motor. The ES003-DE 8.5” electric scooter is a foldable scooter that makes it easy to carry in hand to move through the traffic jams, to take it in a private car or public transport.


ABE approved – ES003-DE 8.5” electric scooter has ABE test clearance certificate for the German Federal Vehicle Transport Authority, KBA takes appraisal of following aspects before issuing the ABE certificate:

Maximum speed 20km/h

Two separate brakes(front electronic brake and rear disc brake)

The braking distance, two brakes at once (stopping distance 4.41m moving at 20KM/H), single brake at a time (stopping distance 10.02m moving at 20KM/H)

Lights and reflector criteria: front light K-Mark certified, rear light Z-Mark certified, side yellow E-Mark certificated reflectors.

ES003-DE 8.5” electric scooter has won the ABE Certification by fulfilling all above hard quality checks. This certificate makes ES003-DE 8.5” electric scooter super, safest, stylish, reliable scooter in Germany.

Battery capacity, range – We were well aware of the use and user’s expectations from the electric vehicle using the public roads for the daily commute. A daily commute vehicle must meet the utmost standards. Therefore the 8.5” ES003-DE electric scooter is designed with the features to provide a hassle-free daily commute. It never stops on the way because of its powerful waterproof controller and battery, 36V 7.5AH battery ensures that the rider will reach to destination without any break. A powerful battery takes up to 25KM in a single charge which is enough to cover the radius of a big city.

Waterproof protection up to IPX4 – Battery is the fuel tank and the controller is the brain of E vehicles, protection of both comes first. Our engineers are well aware about the cold wet weather of Europe.  Right after the rain or even during rain everyone loves to go out. Good thing is that ES003-DE 8.5 electric scooter has battery and controller with waterproofing qualities. It is water proof up to the scale IPX4. We sink batteries and controllers in the water for water proofing test before installing these with ES003-DE 8.5 electric scooter (Videos and Pictures of this test is available on request).

Motor and associated features – Motor is the power hub of the electric vehicles. the ES003-DE 8.5” electric scooter comes with a powerful 350W motor, can climb on the surface of <15°. The marvelous features make this smart machine a powerful and wonderful electric scooter.

Strong manufacturing material – ES003-DE 8.5 electric scooter is made of aluminium alloy strongest and lightweight material being used by the auto industry all over the world.


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